From the Pastor’s Desk

Dear Parishioners,

Today our Diocese is celebrating the beginning of Catholic Schools Week. We are all aware
that Catholic grammar and high schools have faced many challenges over the past fifty years.
We in Bay Ridge, thankfully, live in a very good Public School District. The downside of that
fact is that many Catholic families are choosing the Public Schools so they can save the tuition
money for Catholic high school tuition.

However, Catholic grammar schools have been the best form of training youngsters in the
ways of faith. It is in the Catholic school that we can proclaim the Holy Name of Jesus and develop
the whole person: spiritually, morally, academically and socially.

To maintain a Catholic grammar school in Bay Ridge, the Catholic Academies of Holy
Angels and St. Anselm have decided to join forces and form a brand new school experience at the
site which has housed St. Anselm Catholic Academy.

No process is perfect but the Steering Committee has worked hard to engage academic
professionals and parents in preparing for the opening of Bay Ridge Catholic Academy in September
of this year. The new school will have some exciting features.

I ask for your prayers for the success of this new school. Those of us who believe in the
ministry of Catholic grammar school education are convinced that we must take this bold step now
so that Bay Ridge will have a Catholic grammar school in the future.

Applications for the new Academy can be obtained this week here at Holy Angels Catholic
Academy or at St. Anselm Catholic Academy.

I’ve heard a variety of stories about the future use of our school building. The factual story is this: no pastor may act independently concerning leases or sale of any parish property. All inquiries about any future lease or rental are directed to Rocklyn Asset Corporation which is in control of diocesan properties.

As of January 20, I have heard nothing about any future tenant. Our school building is not for sale and our gyms and cafeteria are necessary for parish use as well as classrooms for our Religious Education Program.
Again, I ask for your prayers for the success of Bay Ridge Catholic Academy.

Let’s pray for each other,
Msgr. Kevin B. Noone

P.S. We will celebrate World Marriage Day on Saturday, February 8th, at the 5:00pm Mass, which
will be followed by a light reception.



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