I, Fr Arputham Arulsamy (Fr Samy), belong to the native of Madurai, a city in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. I come from a big family of seven (four brothers and 3 sisters). My parents and one of my brothers are deceased. The youngest sister is a nun (Congregation of Immaculate Conception) and a missionary in Zambia, Africa. My nun sister and I were inspired to become religious and priest due to prayers and encouragement of our parents.

I was ordained to the priesthood on May 25, 1990 for the mission diocese of Sambalpur, in the northern state of Odisha, India. The mission Sambalpur is about 300 miles southwest of Kolkata, the city of St. Mother Teresa. I chose to become a priest in the diocese of Sambalpur because of its missionary spirit in nature. Sambalpur is more than 1500 miles away from my home.

I am glad to be part of Our Lady of Angels Parish in the diocese of Brooklyn. It is a great parish with good traditions and good people. I have experienced love, care and support of all. I thank all the priests, especially Fr. Jim Devlin, Msgr. Kevin Noone, Fr. Ken Calder, Fr. Jason Espinal, Fr. Lewk and all the priests and people for accepting me and helping me to feel at home, my second HOME. God bless all!