Our Lady of Angels parish was established on September 24th, 1891 by Bishop John Loughlin.
The first mass was offered by Father Martin Loftus our first pastor on September 27th, 1891. It was offered in a small firehouse on 67th street between 2nd and 3rd avenues, with 72 people present.

Our Lady of Angels

The First Church of Our Lady of Angels Dwarfed by the New

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Msgr. Francis O’Hara

The first Church of Our Lady of Angels was erected on the corner of Fourth Avenue and 74th Street and dedicated on September 17, 1893.  The new, and present, Church in the background was dedicated on June 23, 1929. Monsignor Francis O’Hara, the third pastor, described the new Church as “another mighty link to the chain of stately churches that ties Brooklyn so safely to its God.”

Towards the End of Construction of the Present Church

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In 1946, Msgr. O’Hara died, and the parish welcomed Msgr. Edmund J. Reilly as its new pastor. Msgr. Reilly was responsible for the expansion of the school which includes the current day gymnasium. On June 7th, 1955 Reilly was installed as a Bishop.

Bishop John Boardman

In August, 1959 Bishop John Boardman became the pastor. He was well known for his work as Director of the Propagation of the Faith. He would bring the parish through the many changes resulting from Vatican Council II.  Attending the council meetings in Rome, he brought back a tremendous energy for change, and gently educated the people to them.

After Vatican II the tabernacle was to be moved to a side altar. Bishop Boardman did not want to do this because he felt that our tabernacle was too beautiful. Instead he raised the existing one on the center altar so it would be more visible above the altar of sacrifice.

On July 12, 1981, Msgr. Cavanagh became pastor. He was a kind man who cared deeply for the sick and elderly. He was a man sensitive to other people’s needs.  It was during his tenure that a 2.6 million dollar renovation took place. The church interior was painted, its original stone walls lightened and the Stations of the Cross, from the original church were repainted. The parish honored his memory by naming a conference room after his death in 1999.

Msgr. James Cavanagh

Rev. James E. Devlin

Fr. Jim Devlin arrived in 1998. Fr. Jim led our parish through another church renovation. Some of the funds were raised by buying a leaf on the giving tree, which can be seen in the vestibule of the church. Fr. Devlin was instrumental in keeping our school open. He laid the groundwork for the transition of Our Lady of Angels School to Holy Angels Catholic Academy.

In July 2009, we welcomed Msgr. Kevin Noone as our pastor. Msgr. Noone is a graduate of Our Lady of Angels School, class of 1958. Monsignor was the Territorial Episcopal Vicar for Brooklyn West, before becoming our pastor.

Our Lady of Angels continues on with its generous and faithful congregation, who always rise to the challenges it is given.

Msgr. Kevin Noone

Pastors of Our Lady of Angels

Rev. Martin Loftus


Rev. Matthew Flynn


Msgr. Francis O’Hara


Bishop Edmund Reilly


Bishop John Boardman


Msgr. Francis Donnelly


Msgr. Peter Altman


Msgr. James Cavanagh


Rev. James Devlin


Msgr. Kevin Noone 2009 – Present