Dear Parishioners,
Welcome to the First Sunday of Advent and the start of our new liturgical year. Advent is time when we open our hearts and await the coming of the Lord into our lives and hearts. 
There are three comings of the Lord the church teaches.
The first coming was his birth. Jesus was already born into our world. We remember and celebrate with solemnity his coming into the world.
The second coming of the Lord is at the end of time. The end of time can be our own individual death or that great day when the Lord will come with all the angels and saints and bring us to heaven.
The third coming, is a silent, mysterious coming. It is the coming of Jesus daily into our lives. Jesus is always present to us. He comes to us every day in prayer, word and sacrament. 
Let us open our hearts and welcome the Lord.
Thanks for your support!
Fr. Abels


Annual Memorial Mass – November 14, 2020

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